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PubG Mobile – How to Improve Shooting Skills?

PubG Mobile

It is a no-brainer that in the realm of mobile gaming and the online world, PubG mobile is one of the leading games that has taken over the 21st-century teens’ minds and time. Due to the release of this game in the market, avid players of the game and other one player shooting games have increased in the world.

While the game is extremely popular and easy to play, it still requires some practice and dedication with respect to time.  Since it is a shooting game, it requires some skills to position the game and also aim at the player rightly. By doing so, you can enhance your gaming experience and also reach professionalism in the game.

Let’s begin without further ado.


One of the most delightful parts of shooting your enemies is the headshots. The best revenge is to hunt down the enemy and try for a headshot. For all the novices – headshots are the shots that are directly shot to the enemy’s head – where they die instantly. Headshots also possess a special rating in the game, and it increases the overall score of the game. The best single shotguns to play the shots are- Kar998K, M24, AWM.



Ammo is crucial for any kind of shooting games. The strengthening of the gun is also determined by the ammo used in the gun. For certain weapons, the ammo can be auto-picked, and this limit can be set manually. Doing so will help to keep the clutter-free. When you pick up the ammo, you also get an option to exchange the gun. Exchange the gun when you have the chance. So, basically, you’re just dropping the ammo and using a pre-loaded gun.


This is the most important tip of all the others mentioned in this article. You might have come across the various gun attachments that are present in the game, which includes five different categories – Sight, Muzzel, Magazine, Stock and Foregrip. Make sure you pick up all the five attachments from the area, which are imperative to enhance the overall performance of the gun. For examples, picking up the extended mag will improve the clip count and using the Quickdraw Extended Mag will allow the players to reload the gun faster, when in the match.

Hip Fire

Hip Fire

Scopes are the one that enhances the ability of the gun to shoot all the enemies down, especially when at a distance. Hence, hip fires are best when they’re used in the close combat, and it is also pretty helpful in situations where the thirst for hitting the enemy down rises.

Bottom Line

Despite all the ammunition and other possessions in the game, it all ultimately comes down to the skills you possess. Even if you have the best gun in the game, it is essential to know how to use it in need of the house, which will only increase with enough time and practice.

Tips to Enhance Online Gaming Experience


Be it mobile games, or online console games. It is intimidating for a new player to master any type of online games. There is an entire list of all the first-timers that have given up on the online gaming world, simply because they did not find the experience to be thrilling and enthusiastic. However, this is not true.

Online games are designed to promote enthusiasm and also to provide entertainment to the players. The experience of gaming can only be enhanced by following specific gaming rules that beginners often tend to forget. So, in this article, we have jotted down some of the useful tips that will help all the gaming novices to increase their fun in the online gaming realm.

Have Fun

The first and foremost mistake the novices generally make is taking online gaming too seriously. This not only increases their nervousness but is also quite intimidating to fetch for the right games and cheat codes if any. None of the games is designed to cause stress or anxiety. If you do not win, that’s okay you can still manage to play the next few games right.

Online Gaming

Concentrating on the game you have

It is merely a trend these days to fetch for the most popular one-person shooter games like the Call of Duty or Fortnite. More than gaming itself, it is about playing the popular games. But, instead of doing that, concentrate on the games you enjoy playing instead of following the herd of sheep. By doing so, you will enjoy your experience a lot better.

Make some friends online

Remember how going to the club or the movies is better with your friends? In the same way, the experience of gaming online can also be enhanced by making some friends. If they’re better at you in the game, then they can guide you and take you to tournaments once you’ve reached the experience level. Aside from the game, it also gives you a chance to make new friends altogether. Hence, there is no harm in trying.


Start Slowly

Nobody can play like a pro in the very beginning. It takes lots of time, dedication and practice. Hence, if you wish to get there, start slow and pace your way up to the mark of the expertise level. The beginning stages of any game are relatively easy, but once you progress through the game, you will realize the effectiveness of the game. Hence, we suggest you play every level twice or thrice to hold the expertise of the level.

Be a good sport

Online gaming platforms are filled with spammers, cheaters, and other toxic humans. As much as it is the gamers’ responsibility to fish such people and report them, it is also their responsibility to play fair games at all times. You know what they say – practice what you preach!

How to Play and Win at Fortnite Battle Royale


Music and graphics find an epic blend in the universe created by developers in the games. The maps have expanded over the years as more characters and worlds were introduced to all the popular titles. One of the names that everyone is familiar with now is Fortnite. Although not all of them might have tried their luck with the game, other works of fiction have helped in registering the name. An idea of the world and theme have been entrenched over time with a glimpse in the movie ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ Even those players who weren’t familiar with the game have now controlled characters with a console at least once. It has grown in popularity since then despite being paid, but it is now available for free on Android and iOS. Fortnite Battle Royale is the most popular version of all; so, let us look at some tips that can help you learn more about the game.

1.      Make Use of the Training Area

All the players will start their game in a lobby filled with ammunition and essentials. When you are provided with this opportunity to grab the best weapons from the cabin, get it all, and practice shooting on the ground. Materials to build your fortress are also available in the lobby; make sure to collect all the necessary items to play it right. This is also the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the controls if you are unsure about certain keys.

Training Area

2.      Use the Pickaxe

An indestructible pickaxe is available to be used by every character in the game. Almost every item on the battlefield can be smashed down to smithereens with the pickaxe. When you thrash materials, make sure to do it repeatedly so that you get the wood and bricks in the desired form. You can then use these to build your forts and defenses. Keep in mind to gather all materials early on in the game to build a good defense.

3.      Defend to Survive

In Fortnite, it isn’t attacking but the defense that helps you survive and be triumphant. If you are new to the world of Fortnite, practice well before fighting against another team of experts. Building forts is the best defensive mechanism, and you need to do it fast in order to survive. You must also practice climbing colossal buildings and mountains so that defending becomes easier in the course of the game.

4.      Stay Alive and Healthy

When you are on the field, trying not to get shot, the defense could get ignored. Always prioritize your health, meaning you must get consumables that will restore your shields. Bandages, Med Kits, Shield Potions, and Small Shield Potions have to be stocked in sufficient amounts for this purpose. Full health and shields are guaranteed by the Chug Jug, but it will take around 15 seconds to consume. Slurp Juice will also award you with health points and shields for 25 seconds.

4 Tips to Become a Great Gamer

Gaming Skills

The world of advanced graphics and fiction is offering you the best sessions to escape from real-world stresses. Games have developed over the years to entertain people all across the globe. As the technologies used are being tweaked and improved, the scope of the industry is also growing to accept more gamers out there. With hundreds of aspirants coming in every year, being the top player can be quite a hard task. If you plan to foray into gaming, skills have to be developed along with the knowledge you gain from the various platforms. Honing your abilities will be your mission if you have been gaming for some time now. This is an article for all of you; we provide you with certain tips that can help you become a better gamer.

1.      Stay Focused

By being extremely dedicated to a video game, you can improve your skills with time. It is just a matter of time before you learn the basics of the game, but you could go on to take your whole lifetime trying to improve your skills. When you have a particular role in a game, stick to that, even while you play casually. If you direct all your attention to your target, the chances are high that you will emerge as a successful player. To be a great gamer can be difficult, but some effort from your side will surely make you a competitive gamer.


2.      Keep Practicing

The key to becoming an expert gamer is practice. Unless you keep trying and playing the game, you cannot have any significant progress in your career. Playing at home in your comfort zone will not help you become better. Each time you attempt the game, make sure you are battling against a team or at least a single opponent. By doing so, you can understand the flaws in your approach towards the game. You will always be only as good as the environment you are playing against. So, try to imbibe the world inside the screen before you head over to the competition.

3.      You Need Breaks

Breaks are an essential part of your gaming sessions. You need to take intervals in between gaming sessions so that you don’t get completely drained by the end of a mission. Every major event or tournament will have such breaks for snacks or beverages to allow the gamers some time to relax. This can also help you build strategies that may work wonders in the next half.

gaming sessions

4.      Watch Tutorials

One of the most crucial factors that lead to a great game is learning from the experts. Tutorials provided by industry experts and gamers will give you a wider and deeper look into the world developed by the companies. Through the various sessions, you will be able to understand the working of that universe so that you don’t get lost in the wilderness and gore of the field.

What is the best DPI settings for Valorant?


Most professional gamers like to play at 1200-1600 DPI settings today. The in-game sensitivity can range from 0.25 to 1.0 based on the comfort of the players. However, most pro gamers suggest keeping higher DPI and low sensitivity. For an ideal mouse like Logitech G102, the recommended DPI settings are 1200 with sensitivity around 0.30 to 0.45. Valorant has become popular among the new gamers as well as the old-timers of CSGO. It is slowly progressing towards becoming a competitive esports game. We can soon see tournaments worldwide for Valorant, so you need to start your journey right away with a good gaming mouse.