PubG Mobile – How to Improve Shooting Skills?

PubG Mobile

It is a no-brainer that in the realm of mobile gaming and the online world, PubG mobile is one of the leading games that has taken over the 21st-century teens’ minds and time. Due to the release of this game in the market, avid players of the game and other one player shooting games have increased in the world.

While the game is extremely popular and easy to play, it still requires some practice and dedication with respect to time.  Since it is a shooting game, it requires some skills to position the game and also aim at the player rightly. By doing so, you can enhance your gaming experience and also reach professionalism in the game.

Let’s begin without further ado.


One of the most delightful parts of shooting your enemies is the headshots. The best revenge is to hunt down the enemy and try for a headshot. For all the novices – headshots are the shots that are directly shot to the enemy’s head – where they die instantly. Headshots also possess a special rating in the game, and it increases the overall score of the game. The best single shotguns to play the shots are- Kar998K, M24, AWM.



Ammo is crucial for any kind of shooting games. The strengthening of the gun is also determined by the ammo used in the gun. For certain weapons, the ammo can be auto-picked, and this limit can be set manually. Doing so will help to keep the clutter-free. When you pick up the ammo, you also get an option to exchange the gun. Exchange the gun when you have the chance. So, basically, you’re just dropping the ammo and using a pre-loaded gun.


This is the most important tip of all the others mentioned in this article. You might have come across the various gun attachments that are present in the game, which includes five different categories – Sight, Muzzel, Magazine, Stock and Foregrip. Make sure you pick up all the five attachments from the area, which are imperative to enhance the overall performance of the gun. For examples, picking up the extended mag will improve the clip count and using the Quickdraw Extended Mag will allow the players to reload the gun faster, when in the match.

Hip Fire

Hip Fire

Scopes are the one that enhances the ability of the gun to shoot all the enemies down, especially when at a distance. Hence, hip fires are best when they’re used in the close combat, and it is also pretty helpful in situations where the thirst for hitting the enemy down rises.

Bottom Line

Despite all the ammunition and other possessions in the game, it all ultimately comes down to the skills you possess. Even if you have the best gun in the game, it is essential to know how to use it in need of the house, which will only increase with enough time and practice.

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